2011 Season In Review

Hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday season... Take a moment to look back on our summer at Russell Motorsports. A few images have been put together to tell our story of 2011. Enjoy!

Jami Kicked off the 2011 season in Oklahoma by attending the 25th annual Chili Bowl

At the Chili Bowl, Jami worked on the F5 house car driven by Mike Goodman. Goodman made a trip to New York last September to race for Russell Motorsports.

The Penske Shock rep worked out of the F5 trailer throughout the week. Jami got quite an education on building and tuning shocks.

Russell Motorsports is always in attendance at the Annual Rotterdam Mall Car show in March.

The race season started off rocky...notice the whisps of smoke coming from the Northstar Chevrolet machine. The engine suffered a broken piston during the first test session of the season at Fonda Speedway.

Jami getting ready to suit up and climb back behind the wheel of his sprint car.

Russell Motorsports made their first official start of the season when the AllStars came to town. Here is a look down pit road with David Gravel, Dale Blaney, Tyler Walker, Daryn Pittman, Jami, Stevie Smith, and Davey Sammons.

Russell making some practice laps behind the wheel at Lebanon Valley Speedway.

"And here they salute you by going 4-wide; The Cars, The Stars, The Empire Super Sprints!"

Russell Motorsports made it out to the July race at Utica Rome after missing the May show.

Here Russell is in some tough company... Bobby Varin, Charlie Donk, and Shawn Donath.

Russell runs 3-wide with Poirier and others.

Jami had found some forward bite during the summer... The Northstar Chevrolet sprinter carrying the front end at The Ridge!

Here is a unique look out the back of the Russell Motorsports #27 at Glen Ridge

Always impressive to see a sprint car doing a wheel stand... Here is an in-car shot of Russell with the front end up high during the feature at Glen Ridge!

Russell Made it out to Fulton Speedway in July... This trip turned out to be a blessing...

It was at this time that everyone realized, Russell Motorsports has plenty of power and plenty of forward bite. These sky high wheel stands had become a usual occurrence...

While the Russell Motorsports team was racing at Fulton Speedway, This was going on at home at their race shop. One of the buildings in the business park where their shop is had caught fire and burnt. It was a very lucky occurrence that the team had been away racing. Had the truck and trailer been there, the team likely would have lost the rig, the cars, and their shop!

Russell Motorsports signed in for the World Of Outlaws event at Lebanon Valley. Jami got to run some laps with sprint car legend, Sammy Swindell.

Jami had a tough time figuring out the the Goodyear tires. He spun out in turn two on his qualifying lap.

Russell had to race his way into the show through the B-Main. He made it into the show with his 360.

Utica Rome held a special Wednesday night even to honor their 50th anniversary. The team had more engine troubles and did not make the A-main.

Aaron's and Russell Motorsports teamed up for a few races at the end of the summer.

On August 20th, 2011, Fonda Speedway held a memorial event for Brian Grisel's late wife. Russell Motorsports was extremely proud to be a part of the event. The entire field turned into the infield and gathered on the front stretch with one lap remaining in the event as a tribute.

The Aaron's sprint car made one more appearance of 2011 with modified driver Danny Ody behind the wheel. Ody did a wonderful job behind the wheel, putting the 305 powered sprinter in the A-main.

Jami was in action at the season finale at Fonda. Unfortunately, Russell's engine issues yet again struck. The team chased the issue all summer long and the cause turned out to be bad fuel. The team struggled all summer over bad fuel.

Jami and Danny took a minute for a picture at the season finale.. The first time in the team history that they have fielded two race cars in the same race.

Russell and crew member Shawn Yearsly made the trip to Williams Grove in October for the National Open. Pancho's Racing Products was kind enough to welcome them to the roof the trailer to catch the racing action from the best seat in the house.

The A-main was full of fantastic racing... Jason Myers was the victor.

In closing, Russell Motorsports will have a new home for 2012. The 2012 schedule is unknown at this point but will likely be a very limited schedule. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks as more information becomes available.

Happy New Years!