Good News/Bad News kind of day for Russell Motorsports at Fonda Speedway
For the first time ever, Russell Motorsports went into the Season Finale at Fonda Speedway as a two-car team. Jami piloted the 360 sprinter while former Fonda regular, Danny Ody, piloted the teams 305 sprinter. Going into the day, no one would have guessed the end result!

The day started off shaky for the team, getting the hauler stuck in absolutely saturated grounds in the pit area at the speedway. Thanks to Chuck Hebing of Cobra Motor Coaches, the crew was able to get the rig out of the mud and into a safe parking spot.

Both of the Russell Motorsports cars looked respectable in practice, feeling their way around the speedway and gradually coming up to speed. The crew worked all the bugs out of the 305 sprinter and had thought that the 360 was good to go as well.

First up for heat race action was Danny Ody in the Aaron's/Northstar Chevrolet #99 sprinter. He would start last in heat one and race his way to 7th, one position shy of an A-main spot.

Russell had also started from the tail in heat #3 and had worked his way into the 7th position when something let go under the hood. Unfortunately, with a big puff of smoke, Russell would be done for the evening with what is believe to be a blown head gasket. Jami did a fantastic job catching the issue and shut the engine down before any real damage could be done.

Ody put the Aaron's lucky dog on the pole for the B-main. In what was one of the ugliest starts of the season, Ody somehow led the field through three and four and was last by the time the green flag had been waved. Officials let the start go forcing Danny to race his way into the show. He was able to muster a 5th place finish, one position out of a transfer spot. Danny was the first alternate for an A-main position in-case anything strange happened...

Luckily, the team attacked the car after the B-main getting ready for the Feature as if they were in the show because, something strange did indeed happen. On the four-wide parade lap, a few cars tangled and Brandon Warner was sent spinning through the infield with a broken front end, giving the final spot in the A-main to Danny! From there on, the car and motor performed beautifully and Danny cruised on home to an 18th place finish.

Ody did an outstanding job behind the wheel of the teams second car and had a blast driving the 305 sprinter! Dan has an open invitation to drive for the team again if the opportunity presents itself.

The crew ended the season with a DNQ with the 360 and a very odd turn of events putting the 305 in the show. Not exactly the kind of results the team hoped for but more importantly, Russell Motorsports ended the season with two complete cars with not major incidents or accidents and that is something to be proud of!

Russell Motorsports would like to thank everyone that supported them throughout the season, Northstar Chevrolet, Scott Loomis Restorations, Cenpeco Lubricants, Hico Fabrications, Aaron's, Sta-Brite Cleaners, and BC Designs. Russell Motorsports would also like to thank Samantha, Shawn, and Rob for all their help this season. We would not be able to race week after week without the help of all these fine people!

ESS/Fonda Notes: A field of 25 sprints for the final show of 2011 with Fonda regular Dan Ody making his first ESS start ever aboard he Bob Russell owned #99…Ody actually made the A-Main starting grid after Brandon Warner made contact with another car during the four abreast salute which broke his front end…Jason Herrington and Jami Russell had problems after their heats and didn’t make the B-Main…

Lucas Oil ESS/SUNY Canton A-Main – Steve Poirier, Jessica Zemken, Jeff Cook, Bobby Varin, Cory Sparks, Kevin Ward Jr., Lance Yonge, Jason Barney, Alain Bergeron, Josh Pieniazek, Tommy Wickham, Shawn Donath, Chuck Hebing, Patrick Vigneault, Kory Gurney, Matt Tanner, Dave Wickham, Dan Ody, Russ Bennett, Paul Habeck, Mike Stelter, Dylan Swiernik.

Lap Leaders – Cook 1-3, Poirier 4-25.

Did Not Start – Brandon Warner
Did Not Qualify – Jami Russell, Jason Herrington.

Car Mate Custom Built Trailers Heat 1 – Sparks, Yonge, Ward Jr., Pieniazek, Vigneault, Habeck.
Car Mate Custom Built Trailers Heat 2 – Hebing, Varin, Warner, Cook, Gurney, Tanner
Car Mate Custom Built Trailers Heat 3 – Zemken, Donath, Barney, Poirier, Bergeron, T. Wickham.
Dover Brake and Clutch/Cobra Coaches Dash – Hebing (Hebing ties Poirier for Dash Title).
Engine Research B-Main – Stelter, D. Wickham, Bennett, Swiernik.
Added Starter – Ody.