Meet America’s Coolest New Nostalgia Funny Car – The Iron Outlaw!

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Posted by Russell Motorsports on Friday, March 25, 2016
Russell To Unveil Funny Car at Rotterdam Carshow!

Russell Motorsports will unveil their freshly painted Nostalgia Funny Car this weekend at the annual Rotterdam Mall Car Show put on by Fonda Speedway and Glen Ridge Motorsports Park. The team has been a part of this annual event for several years, usually with their Sprint Car. This season, the event organizers have asked if the new funny car could be on display.

About the car: Paint duties were handled by Dave Sano and Glen Weisgerber of New Jersey. A one of a kinda paint job took about 4 weeks to be put on the 76' Mustang II fiberglass body. Under that body, a 426 aluminum Hemi sits between the frame rails which received a fresh powder coat job this winter from the folks at Powdertech.

The show runs from Friday at mall open to Sunday at Mall close. Stop this weekend... say hello and catch a first look at the Russell Motorsports "Iron Outlaw" Nostalgia Funny Car!
Russell Completes NHRA License

It's official, the Russell Motorsports crew showed up at Lebanon Valley Dragway in September to make the last two required runs to earn an NHRA License. With a slow day of "test and tune" at the strip, the team put 4 passes on the car. The first pass of the day was also Jami's very first full trip down the drag strip. In addition to that, it was also the quickest run of the day at an 8.63 second pass at over 150 MPH. There are a few changes to be made with the car before the next test session. Stay Tuned, the team is planning to attend another test session in October before calling it a season and re-building for 2016!
Russell Makes Late Race Charge At Albany Saratoga
The Russell Motorsports team had high hopes rolling into Albany Saratoga for a second time this season. After a near miss in the heat race and a slow start to the A-main, Jami was able to make some things happen at the end of the 25 lap event, charging from 18th to 12th in the last 4 laps. Read More